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1TRUSTEE Empty TRUSTEE on 30th April 2014, 2:40 am


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New Active
Di: Pa,Het ey mean ma-nus klas Succeed hery klas teat Fail?
Pa: Di, Krob ma-nus tang os kmean nor na 1 nak Fail te.
Kroin te nak klas rean chhab jes ,kha-nak pel del nak klas teat rean yert jeang te pon nos.
Di: Pa, Pon tae kyom Fail knong ka pro-long.
Pa: Di, Kon min Fail te.Kon kroin tae min toin deng pi vithi chlery som-nour pon nos. pel del kon rean pi vithi chlery som-nour kon ning arch tver vea ban.

Pass ning Fail kir jea vithi jas del arch pon-yol yerng tha yerng yol deng kom-rit na .tae vithi thmey kir ( Knowledge ning Ignorance).

We are not failures it's just that We have not learned the way yet!

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