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Story of bad kid part 2

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1 Story of bad kid part 2 on 12th October 2012, 5:11 pm


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Learning abroad
Since kakada started his college abroad, he changed his behavior to be a better student who get a good result in each semester , learning abroad was not easy, so he must have tried hard to keep up with foreign student and he had faced with many difficulty including culture shock , living condition , etc. The life outside country is really long , it’s not easy to tell in short time , but now he seems to be good cuz now He has been working in one Financial Institution with independent work which he like doing on it.

How could a playboy could change his habit while he’s returning home? It’s just like who he is in the past time , but A love expert as kakada is also lost in 1 young cute Seller ,too. Who’s believe? . Let me tell you about his love story ! after graduated abroad kakada has been hired to work in 1 district in SR province , Staying away it’s not easy like staying at home , difficult all , but the benefit is knowing new friends ,also beautiful girls hehe…. , in his 1st month at work place he know many new friends , overthere there are many cute n beautiful girls but kakada seem not interested in anyone . Until Oneday his co-worker whose name’s Sokha told him about young cute seller in market , “kakada I have seen a cute in the market she look really cute , now I have searched her phone number” Sokha said . “oh !really? What’s her name ? oh Are you falling in love with her , Sokha?” kakada asked . Sure she also told me about her name , her name is Lisa and her smart number It’s 0985556…? But it’s missed 2 number maybe I should try on it? Don’t you think so ? haha… ” Sokha keep saying . “ hope it will work my good friend”
As a result, Sokha is unable to find her real number, unable to contact , but kakada was not . He has found her real phone number just call only 1 time , young seller hang on kakada’s phone

Real conversation
Lisa : hello
Kakada: hello Lida did u bring all assignment that we have to submit to our lecture tomorrow?
Lisa: Lida who ? I’m ur Lida , Are you confusing phone number?
Kakada: oh sorry really? So where do u live?
Lisa : why ask me like that? Who do u live?
Kakada: I live in SR , in SR town how’s about u?
Lisa : me 2 , I live in SR town 2.
Kakada: Can I know what do u do now?
Lisa : I’m a student a high school student grade 11
Kakada : oh great ! what do u do after study ?
Lisa : why ask a lot I never know you
Kakada : hehe.. Just ask only , if not answer It’s also ok !
Lisa : so what you do now?
Kakada: I’m a Construction worker ! now I’m busy sorry for bothering u!
Lisa : It’s ok bye !

After talking on phone in 1 Week , Lisa decided to ask Kakada directly , “ Bong kakada , do you love me or not?” . Kakada replied “ how could you say you love me if we never see each other ? , “ I don’t care who you are , just know that I will always love you ?” Lisa replied to kakada. “ Wait I will give you answer this evening” kakada said . after finished at work hour at 3:30 kakada go to see Lisa who help her mom selling grocery in the market , it’s a big retail shop and there are many customers , then He called to Lisa . Lisa hanged on the phone without knowing that kakada is looking for her . She looks really cute and beautiful , kakada thinks “ like that ! that’s y Sokha try to find out her phone number” . after seeing Lisa kakada started accepting to have a relationship with Lisa .

To be continued After Pchhum Ben day !
PS name have been changed hahaha....

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