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Story of bad kid Preview !

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Story of Bad kid

( Preview )

Let’s me tell you about story of one bad kid , his name is Rithy . Rithy was an ambitious kid who is pig-headed and did not listen to his parents.

The background of Rithy

Rithy was born in big family of 7members , he is the 3rd son the family , his dad is an officer in the commune and his mom is a seller .

Now he is a student in fourth year field International Affair at IFL . and IT at University of Cambodia !

Part1 : Ambitious

Rithy was a boy who never care about his study , he just
like playing with his friends and neighborhood . By the time, he was in Primary School he was received punishment from his teacher very often due to his lazy attitude . One day Teacher Kolap asked Rithy 1 question , “ Rithy 1 big fist cost 10000 riels and 15000riels which 1 is cheaper than? , “ my mom bought is
cheaper than, just only 8000riels ,teacher “ Rithy replied . Rithy won the champion for top student who had absences the most. Hey see Rithy had many absences ,but don’t think he is be apart from other , there are many friends like that kid cuz he is a funny kid and brave to do things , in short (fast hand ). In Primary school most of girls in class were kissed and hugged by Rithy , see he’s an awesome kid ! have skills since young J ! Teachers were really headache because of him. In grade 6 Rithy was an active student he like going to school and reduce being absences, the only problem was his attitude still the same ,not change , playboy! Rithy spend his most time for playing with friend ,in the future he want to become a film , cause he like acting ! He never listen to his parents’ advice , just do the thing he want ,young kid is like that he doesn’t care much about his future !

Part 2: Play boy at secondary school

Rithy started grow up very fast , he’s also comes up with many new skills which makes him to be “Junior love expert”

Part 2 Sorry oun love you for real

In grade 12 at Preah Monivong high school,there were 2 lovely girls in class ,their name are Lisa and Dalin . Lisa is really cute and attractive, but she’s a boyfriend who already who study 2ndyear at University of Battambang , 1day Lisa and his boyfriend were argued !her boyfriend is a rich guy who like playing with girls inshort , he is an unhonest guy (sava) . Lisa was broken because of bad guy , for making a revenge she asked Rithy to help her for acting as her new boyfriend . her ex.boyfriend was really get mad when he saw Lisa go somewhere with Rithy ,and that’s what Lisa needs! But after acting for 1month Lisa was drop out from class, Rithy was unable to contact Lisa. Rithy tried to contact Lisa but when he called there isanother person picked up his calling, So sad Sad ! Rithy stood infront for looking Lisa , but he could not find her, don’t know why Rithy did like that ! I was wondering if he really didn’t know, Lisa just used him . infact Rithy has some words in heart for saying to lisa “ Secret​![/font] ”[/left]

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