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my new composing early April 2012

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1 my new composing early April 2012 on 5th May 2012, 3:48 am


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College student's love story latest update 05/04/12

College student love story

Recently I just received an E-mail from a visitor who visits my blog has sent me the whole part of her own story in summary for me to write .below it’s a real story Mr. Student who study Law at University of Cambodia with his
girl friend whose name’s Linda.

Linda is a girl who stays in a family that has an average condition .There are four members in her family .She has a little brother who is studying in grade 9 at Si So vat high school .now she’s a student at Royal University of Phnom Penh. Linda is an out standing student now she has been studying in Field Accounting at RUPP & English at Norton University in 2nd year; however she’s a person who prefers to be the first one. In studying, she always wants to get the 1st Rank.

Virak is a guy who came from Battambang he stays with his sister who live and sell sea food at Psar Tom Tmey in Phnom Penh. He’s attending bachelor degree of law at University of Cambodia in 3rd Year.

Part 1: A Stanger person enter the class

In the past 5 years, Linda Studied English at ELT School. She was the top student who gets admire from the teacher most of the time. She always gets the highest marks for final exam in each finish level. One day there was a stranger person who comes to study in her class and this guy is really good at English they were studying in level3 book together. Who know? The new comer could do on the monthly exam very well and got the highest mark. It really made Linda upset and angry to that guy. She tried to study harder and harder but As a result for finished level 3 she stand at the 2rd Rank in the class only. She was very upset because she lost a guy who just came to study around 1month. but she’s never felt hopeless because she thought that she’s going to win that guy for the next level. the question is what’s the clever guy’s name? His name is Virak a guy who came from Battambang and study at Phnom Penh. He’s stayed with his first sister who is a seller there. he like playing music and learning other language he could speak 4 languages such as : Chinese ,Korean, English and Khmer . Virak has a big family he’s got 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He’s the middle son in his family.

Part 2: Enemy became Friend

Linda and Virak can’t get along with each other as well in the classroom maybe Virak is a guy who is not good ,but everyone in the class really liked him ,he usually made everyone laugh and he always helps and explains lesson to his friend when they get wonder .he’s a cool guy in the class ,but I still wonder why Linda hate him like that . Since Virak has entered Room C3 Linda became more careful and do something very strict. In her purpose she wants to get the higher marks than Virak. As a result of midterm
exam level 4 Linda was the Top student in the class she got 94 scores while Virak got only 90. This time she was very happy and she’s really proud of her self. I don’t know what happen to Virak why he became to be like this. A week ago Virak disappeared from the class and no one know where he didn’t come to study, except a guy whose name’s Kakada a boy who study with Virak at si so
vath high school. What happened to him? 2 weeks later 3 letters were received by 3 people in the English class Room C3 at ELT School. 1 of letter belongs toLinda. but who is the sender ? it’s Virak his family lack of money so he can not effort his study at that Private English School. he could only study at the cheap school in the state school or Pagoda. Linda read Virak’s
letter with feeling ashamed about what she’s doing on him . She’s decided to write a reply letter to him and sent it though KaKada who is Virak’s classmate at high school . KaKada is Virak’s close friend He studied English in room C3 too. In the letter Linda apologize Virak about what she did on him in the past and she said because of Virak she started getting to know about the advantage of having a strong competitor . so she said she hope that Virak will
be able to come back and compete with her again .in addition, she asked Virak to be her friends .Since that time Virak and Linda became good friends they always practice their writing skill through sending letter and KaKada acted as the 1 who receive and deliver the letter.

End part 2
(the information is completed true 100% there is no additional

Part 3 : love through Letter (Surprised Christmas Present )

Since Linda start getting to know Virak. She really likes him. Virak is a cool guy who love studying he doesn’t care too much about spending times going for a walk with friend he has only team for self study. He loves his studying very much. On Chinese New Year in 2008 Linda sent Virak a nice T-shirt. Virak really like it, also Virak sent her back a music crystal glass as an exchange present. According to Virak told me they’re very close to each other at that time. One day Linda asked Virak because she has 1 question to ask him . Virak agree to meet her at ELT School. Virak sits on the yard in front of school. he felt very nervous . When they meet each other they seem to be very shy. Then Linda started talking to Virak and asks him directly: “Virak, what do you think about me?” Do you want me to be your best friend or your girlfriend? “Virak turn his face from Linda and walked out one step he felt very nervous. “I think…….well ……em…..I like you too Linda, what do you think if I want to start a relationship with you. “Virak replied.” Ok “ Linda answered with smiling Since that day a letter friend become lovers, however they never have a date with
each other because Virak was studying in grade 12 and Linda grade 11 they rarely meet each other. Virak has to pay more attention to his study so they can contact each other through sms only. I don’t know how he feel at that time but Virak Care about his study the most so love can not effect to his study he can distinmite love and study as well As a result he’s still get a good grade every month until he finished high school.

(Part of the story still in mystery the owner didn’t detail clearly about his feeling so that I can write only a little in this part )

Part 4: Memory of Love

2years later, Linda finished her high school and she started her college at Royal University of Phnom Penh while Virak has been studying law at University of Cambodia in 2nd year. Now they can have time for spending with each other they usually have a date during weekend but they just go around the city and eat something a little in the evening then return home. They never
do something offense our culture. They’re both good. Linda and Virak usually discuss with each other about their future wedding. Linda said she doesn’t to marry soon she wanted to reach her goal first she said at least she get Master degree then she will consider about her wedding ceremony with Virak. And also Virak say like that too. So they understand and care about each other as well
they have the same idea. Virak sometimes calls Linda when he’s free at night they talk and make fun together they really love each other. Virak and Linda love each other from heart not just appearance, therefore, they always do things for making partner happy, not making anyone sad. Linda is a good girl,she’s a relivable person who Virak can trust and point her as his future ideal
partner. Look! They really fit to each other do you think so? During college because of Virak got a good credit at college there are a lot of friends who like him and also there are a few girls try to make closing relationship with him. Even most of them are beautiful but it’s not attracting Virak’s eyes because in his heart he loves only Linda, a girl who he’s loved since he studied in grade 12.

Part 5: Obstacle of Love

It really hurts Virak when Linda sent him a message and said her parents don’t allowed her to have a relationship with him here is the message she sent to Virak “ I’m really sorry , I can no t love you anymore ,please find other lady who is suitable for you I know you must get hurt when you read my sms ,I can only follow my parents they want me to be good so I’m very sorry for everything, thanks for things you did for me since the beginning until now
,however we can’t be lover I still wish that we can be good friends
forever . Thanks! “After read Linda’s message Virak almost fall down he can’t even control his feeling he hang on his phone and make a phone call to Linda with angry. The phone ring Linda received “Linda I have read your message, I know your parents want you to be good I don’t mind to leave you freedom. You have to follow your parents’ advices they want you to be good. I’m
very sorry I can’t accept your suggestion because I love you so deep I can’t be your good friend as your wish ,I’m very sorry .from now on let’s not meet each other let’s think that we never know each other don’t feel guilty with me just think that I’m leaving you not you who leave me then you will feel relax . Have a happy life Linda” Virak said. Linda “Crying……..” Virak turn off his phone. Tomorrow Virak thought that he’s really cruel to her it might really
mean to her with what he’s said yesterday. Linda was crying while he called her. He thought a long time then he decided to accept her suggestion as a friend of her. Linda was very happy with Virak’s decision. However Virak accept to act as one of Linda’s friend .his heart and action not listen to each other he never sms or call to visit her. he’s not busy but he’s not willing to make
it . During that time there is a lady try to make a closing relationship with him she’s a studying who study field Finance and Banking at University of Cambodia with him ,but he denied her. I know Virak still love Linda and maybe it’s really hard to forget her from his heart suddenly. Now their lives are changed Virak pay more attention to his study and work . he tries to do many
things everyday because he thought if he has more things to do he will be busy and not think about Linda and it's the only way
which can help him to Linda from his heart . Look! How pity he is!

Finished part:

keep hurting herself alone

A week ago,Virak met Leang Heng who is Linda’s best friend while he picked up his friend KaKada to have trip for finishing semester with his schoolmate to the countryside. “Have you ever called or sms to visit Linda? “Leang Heng asked. “Never , I’m afraid I’m going to bother her” Virak replied . “Why? But how you do that ? Linda just took an Examination at Hospital she found that she
had a cancer ,it’s just started condition. don’t you know about that?” Leang Heng keep asking. “Is it true? she told me her parents not allowed me to have a closing relationship with her. Is she lying me? Oh! I know nothing about that I really hate myself. Thanks for your telling Leang Heng “Virak replied. When Virak got real information he’s hurry to meet Linda but she tries to escape him until now. She doesn’t want to meet Virak. so Virak decided to
call her instead of. when Virak called her for many times but she didn’t receive his phone called until last she hang on Virak’s calling then Virak said ”Linda .I’m very sorry about what I did on you linda you must be more painful than me I shouldn’t have said words to mean to you now Leang Heng told me all about your illness please let’s me to be your side I’ll take care of you “ “ Ok if you know that I won’t hide you I have got a serious sick that might be effect to my life .To be honest this is my reason that I told
you I must leave you ,I’m sorry that I made you hurt before. Now my illness is being observed whether I can be cured or not .however, doctor said it’s not too serious but no one is be able to cure this illness” Linda replied “you want me to find other lady who is suitable with me because of that ,don’t you? It’s like a movie .you’re leaving me then told me don’t want to make me sad, don’t you it’s too funny? sorry I can’t leave cuz you’re the one
who I love I’ll be there by your side you left me that’s your choice but no way I leave you alone I don’t care what you’re saying and I won’t go anywhere I hope you understand about my heart.” Virak answered.

Linda keep
explaining Virak “don’t pity me my friend ,you’re just my simple friend please stop calling me honey and If you do love me please find other lady and consider me as your friend at college who you know that’s enough. don’t try to be close to me ,moreover ,even you tell me something or want to do something from me I
won’t accept it . so forget me from your heart . do it for me if you love or direct call 070776046
[/center] thx 4 ur reading , I'm Rada Year 4 field Finance and Banking and 3rd year field Information Technology

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2 Re: my new composing early April 2012 on 5th May 2012, 6:40 pm

Thank you so much for sharing
do you have in khmer ?


love When I Miss You I Just Close My Eyes And I Am With You love
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Sorry I never wrote in khmer but I'll try by next time , cuz I don't know some khmer sweet word to discribe Very Happy

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