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Look This is my new composing Story !

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1 Look This is my new composing Story ! on 5th May 2012, 3:18 am


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[center]My Friend love story
Vathana is mybest friend I have known him since at we started our college at University ofBattambang the biggest University in Battambang Town. For sharing his own story,he told me almost the story involve to his life to me, include study ,love and
family …etc. Here is the true story of my friend ]

: Friend became lover
Vathana is a clever student who was born in a poor family in Pursat. he’s the third son in family with 3 brothers and one elder sister. Vathana is a person who every 1 love because he’s an active and helpful person. today is the exam day at School Vathana finished the exam so early “Are you done,Vathana? ” Teacher asked. Vathana answer to his beautiful teacher with a
kind replies “Yes, I’m done teacher”. To be honest many girls who study with him really likes him because he’s an intelligent and hard-working student.Moreover, he’s a person who has a sense of humors he like spending his times with friends for solving exercises and discuss about their study. Vathana always explain lessons that he knows to his friend when they ‘ve got wondering. Actually a hard-working student doesn’t care about love; he cares about his study only. who know? there is a girl who is very close to him in the class whose name’s Voleak , she’s the most beautiful girl in the class . not only beautiful ,but she like spending time for learning as Vathana too,and that’s the only reason for letting two of them to be the best friend and more closely to each other. because they spend times very often with each other most
of the student in the class always making fun with two of them .Sopheak is a talkative boy in the class “ hey Vathana loves Voleak “sopheak said . “Hey vatthana and Voleak are really fit to each other ,both of you ,are outstanding students the same”” kanha said . when Vathana and Voleak hear their friends say like that, they feel very shy and embarrassed .however, two of them doesn’t mind about what their friends are playing with them ,In
contrast; they like playing with their friends ,too sometimes they act as lovers like their friends say, in order to make them laughs but they’re not real lovers, just playing only as teenagers . because most the time they spend time with each other. The relationship between two of them become more closerand develop to be real lovers and they do love each other .even Vathana
is a nice boy he’s a little bit shy of saying sweet word to Voleak ,they stillhave fun and have a great time together.
End part 1(
because part of story must be kept in private therefore, Place and Name
have been changed)

Part2: finish high school leave home to

study at Battambang
After finished high school Voleak choose to study at Build Bright University cause it is near her house .Anyways, she didn’t know yet what to do . I mean she didn’t know which major should she specialize on. On the other hand, Vathana is an out-standing student he passed the scholarship and Study Business in field Finance and Banking at University of Battambang(UBB),which is the biggest University of Battambang .What a pity lover they have to live far away from each other , it’s a sad love. before they leave home Vathana and Voleak have a date for saying “Good bye”. Vathana say to Voleak “ Voleak now I passed Scholarship to study at University of battambang so I have to move to Battambang and we might be apart for a short time. even
though I live far away from you but my heart will keep on you we will keep in touch through telephone”. Voleak smiled reply with a little bit sad in her heart . Since Vathana arrived Battambang he seem to be strange. Sometime Voleak think that he’s not caring about her as before .however, Voleak’s thinking is not correct, infect study at College is busier than study at high school. there
are many assignment and researching . So it’s not 100% correct that Vatthana’s heart is changed. after 1year of study of Build Bright University Voleak found that it is not the right choice for her . So she decided to change major and study medical ,but she really don’t know where to learn . before of missing Vathana and hearing from some friends and relative that Battambang has a good medical school,so she decided to move and study at Battambang . Meanwhile, Voleak’s sister whose name’s Rachana finished high school so she decided to study at Battambang with her sister,too. Rachana came to Battambang with her sister and look for School to continue her degree. but it’s really hard to decide which University is good for her. by the time two of move to Battambang they don’t know anyone Voleak knows only1 person is Vathana so they contact Vathana and at the that time Vathana want to take a test for applying scholarship at one IT school in Battambang .so He bought the form and help Rachana to complete that school’s application form then They took the test together . As a result two of them passed the scholarship and study IT at that school together. but no1 in the class know that Vathana is Rachana’s future brother- in- law.

End part 2
(part of the story in part 2 is 99% true)

Part3: Giving up love choose study

There are two reasons that Vathana decided to end relationship with Voleak(100% true). First Reason is He doesn’t want Voleak to wait for him. He said his goal is high he might spend 8years with his study and it’s too long for Voleak to wait for him to marry her and it is good that he leave her freedom to choose someone who can take care of her . He said he hate himself because he seems never do for Voleak. one more reason is he saw an event that hemight not want to see and it might be the reason he has to end love relationship with Voleak, it’s the picture which Vathana might not want to see but he saw Voleak drive her motor close to a guy who he doesn’t know and they seem very close to each other . They talked and laughed with each while they were driving along the road. Who know? A sweet lovers have to end relationship so easy After thinking for a few weeks suddenly , Vathana decided to send an sms to Voleak and told her that he want to be her
friend only and he want to end the relationship as a lover with
her. I really don’t know about Voleak feeling but I know about Vathana’s feeling, he doesn’t want to end relationship with Voleak at all. He just think that he’s not good enough to love Voleak but if Voleak is willing to waiting for him , yes He’ll be back and marry Voleak as what they promise each other in Pursat.
(End part 3
keep going to the End part let’s me take a look more about what’s going on
between two of them? hope all visitors wait to see the ending of this love story
at least 4 years more we will find the result) if the condition changed I’ll post more in my website. there will be more and update teenager , adult stories in the next composing bye ! See you with my next composing.(can’t
tell maybe the next story is the story of my Friend in Indonesia.)\
for friends who want me to write ur story pls contact 098 344559 or

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Orkun Jreun
hope you write in khmer


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thx I will write in khmer next time ,it will help the reader to get clear !

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4 Re: Look This is my new composing Story ! on 5th June 2012, 9:23 pm


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hi koun tea want me to translate dear Very Happy

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5 Re: Look This is my new composing Story ! on 8th June 2012, 3:19 pm


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toch leng man tan hery ter deng tha me koun tea teat ! ok ber can help translate oy me ! orkun tok jea mon toch !

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